Our company is located in Albany, Auckland, and we are New Zealand’s only specialist sliding headstock CNC lathe workshop, solely operating Swiss style twin spindle lathes.

We manufacture a large range of components for various industries, including connecting components, screws, bushes, small shafts and other custom components. We can manufacture parts down to a size of 1mm diameter with very close size tolerances.

We have a lot of experience making small components, and can provide cross drilling, cross tapping, turning and CNC milling, all on one machine in one operation, where some companies require multiple operations to produce the same parts.

Our many years of experience allows us to serve a diverse range of industries.

Some of the companies we currently manufacture components for include:

  • Furniture manufacturers
  • UAV ‘Drone’ manufacturers
  • Medical equipment suppliers
  • Farm equipment suppliers
  • Dental equipment industry
  • Plumbing tool manufacturers

We have a commitment to quality and we use the latest technology available. In 2015 we installed a new 7 axis CNC lathe to further expand our capabilities. Our expertise is the result of many years of experience in this industry. Our capacity ranges from a span of 3mm to 20mm bar stock. We are available anytime to discuss your orders.

We will help you find a cost effective solution for your applications. Talk to us on 09 414 6057